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WHO is the answer to whether monkeypox is spread by touching or not.

WHO is the answer to whether monkeypox is spread by touching or not.

guidelines of Monkeypox has been declared a global emergency, so you should also know some important things related to monkeypox. Because even touching it causes disease

Important things we need to know

Monkeypox can spread in many ways.

To avoid this, WHO has given instructions. Caution is necessary to avoid infection
Monkeypox Virus: Monkeypox is a viral disease that is a virus transmitted from animals to humans whose symptoms are similar to smallpox but monkeypox is less fatal. Recently the World Health Organization has declared it a global emergency. In such a situation, the fear of monkeypox has started among the people and everyone’s question is how this virus spreads. Plus, how to avoid getting infected with monkeypox

WHO guidelines regarding monkeypox. WHO Guidelines

Monkeypox is spread from infected animals by contact with or eating their body fluids and meat. Due to this, one should avoid eating infected animals, while, at the same time, do not eat raw meat of any animal because it may be infected.

Can be spread from person to person through the skin and fluids of an infected person. Therefore, the family taking care of a person infected with monkeypox is at risk of getting infected. Can also be passed from pregnant mother to child

WHO chief Tedros Adon Ghebreyesus on How to Survive Monkeypox He advises to reduce the number of sexual partners, and to reconsider before having sex with new people. There is also the possibility of spreading through the spit of an infected person.
Touching bedding, towels and clothing of a person who has monkeypox can also lead to infection.

symptoms of monkeypox

According to the WHO guidelines, between 6 to 10 days after being infected with the virus, symptoms can be initially accompanied by problems like fever, severe headache, back pain, muscle pain and loss of energy in the body. But boil-like marks start emerging, on the palms and soles and on the rest of the body, these boils also come out. They also cause burning and pain. However, after a few days, they dry up and start falling.

The symptoms of monkeypox can appear on the body for 2 to 4 weeks. It is mostly seen in children, but adults are also constantly falling prey to it.

It provides general information only. In this any kind of problem take qualified medical opinion. For more information please read website

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